Posnav are proud to be Optibeam (German engineered HF antennas) and Acom Amplifiers Distributor for many years and still going strong. Please see the full range of Optibeam and Acom on this website...


Position and Navigation Systems Pty Ltd, an Australian based Proprietary Limited company, was founded in 1996 after successful negotiations prompted by Motorola USA hosted in Seoul Korea led to a formal request and subsequent agreement from Motorola USA to have Position and Navigations Systems Pty Ltd distribute Motorola GPS products into the Asia Pacific regions. The Posnav Team spent many years prior to the formation of Position and Navigation Systems Pty Ltd , working directly for the Motorola RPSG group and headed up the GPS Products group for Australia and New Zealand since its inception. Areas of responsibility included projects in the United States,Venezuela, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines. Due to the combined efforts of Motorola USA, Position and Navigations Systems Pty Ltd and our valued integrators, Motorola GPS Product is now found in many taxi cabs, trucks and various commercial applications throughout the Asia Pacific region. As an example, great majority of the Taxi cabs in Adelaide South Australia enjoy the Motorola GPS advantage as do the Philippines National Police Dept and Areas of the Malaysian Police Dept. We have installations all over Australia, New Zealand and S/E Asia and we welcome your enquiry if you need assistance implementing GPS to your fleet. The Posnav Group of companies is proud to be manufacturing in Malaysia with our partner company Praxis Multimedia Sdn Bhd. We source heavily from a number of highly respected companies worldwide and welcome your inquiry on any of our product lines. Position And Navigations Systems Pty Ltd has many experienced GPS integrators with quite a number of successful installation sites to be previewed and we would be happy to assist you in any enquiry you may have. Position and Navigation Systems Pty Ltd is supported by a great team who have been integral to our success. We look forward to answering your questions and supporting you in your required application.


Position & Navigation Systems Pty. Ltd.

Posnav announces Malaysian partnership with Praxis Multimedia Sdn Bhd. The Praxis group of companies are an exciting step forward for all parties involved and Posnav is excited with the expansion this amalgamation provides.

David Green, Managing Director says it best,

Praxis is a diversified technology group, provides solutions to the markets with communications, electronics, GPS, GIS and software with both OEM and off the shelf products worldwide. The group provides design, development, manufacture, installation, deployment, and operation of electronics equipment, and communications networks and services. In addition, the group offers application-focused solutions, including instruments, software, hardware and services.

Smart Taxi System

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Posnav now offer the following with our partners and are proud to be part of the Praxis group of companies.

Our services

  • Electronics Design
  • Software Design
  • Systems Engineering
  • Electronics Manufacturing
  • Systems Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Systems Design

More exciting announcements to follow!!!! Stay Tuned....